Azul y No Tan Rosa: a remarkable Venezuelan film

Danilo Diaz Granados

Azul y no tan rosa: One year and a half has passed since the Venezuelan film (Blue and not that pink, that could be one of the translations for the titltle) was presented to the public. Guillermo GarcíaIgnacio MontesSócrates Serrano, Hilda AbrahamsMiguel Ferrari and Carolina Torres are just some of the names from the actors who worked there.

Guillermo Garcia and Sócrates Serrano were the main characters of the story and the way those two actors made their interpretation made them recognized, loved and famous among all the thousands of spectators that went to see the movie.

Miguel Ferrari was the director and it was such a surprise seeing him like that because everybody is used to see him in front of the cameras, never behind. However, the result was having one of the most famous and watched movies in the entire Venezuela.

Spanish and Venezuelan actors were all involved and from kids to teenagers and adults were included. So, it could be considered as a movie that takes into account lots of daily and common issues. Probably, that is the reason why it has become that famous and people is still watching.

Miguel Ferrari

Azul y No Tan Rosa poster


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